Our Menu

We serve a selection of delicious food from our kitchen all day, every day, alongside a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


(Served all day)

Breakfast Ciabatta

Fried free-range egg. £2.95
Northumbria pork sausage. £3.95
Crispy back bacon. £4.25

Big Breakfast

Two rashers of back bacon, two Northumbria pork sausages, two poached free-range eggs, baked beans, button mushrooms, tomato & black pudding, served with toast & butter. £8.20

Small Breakfast

Rasher of back bacon, Northumbria pork sausage, poached free-range egg, baked beans & tomato, served with toast & butter. £6.20

Veggie Breakfast

Two poached free-range eggs, tomato, roasted red peppers, button mushrooms, baked beans & mini hash browns, served with toast & butter. £6.20

Vegan Breakfast Garden Plate

Vegan sausages, tomatoes, roast peppers, button mushrooms, peashoots & mixed seeds, served with toast & sunflower spread. £7.00

Eggs Benedict

Poached free-range eggs & back bacon on a toasted English muffin, coated in hollandaise sauce. £5.95

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Served on a choice of white or brown toast, with a touch of black pepper. £3.95


Mushrooms. £2.45; Tomato. £1.00; Rasher of back bacon. £1.50; Northumbria pork sausage. £1.50; Black pudding. £1.50; Poached or fried free-range egg. £1.50; Baked beans. £1.50; Halloumi. £2.50


(Served with a salad garnish)

Southern-Fried Chicken Wrap

Southernfried chicken, sweet chilli cream cheese, mozzarella, baby gem lettuce & red onion, wrapped in a charred tortilla wrap. £6.50

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Chicken, baby gem lettuce, shaved parmesan, cracked black pepper & Caesar dressing, wrapped in a charred tortilla wrap. £6.50

Grilled Halloumi Wrap

Grilled halloumi with baby gem lettuce, red onion & a tomato relish, wrapped in a charred tortilla wrap. £5.95

Falafel Wrap

Falafel, roast peppers, yoghurt & mint dressing with baby gem lettuce, wrapped in a charred tortilla wrap. £5.50


Monterey Jack Cheese


Monterey Jack Cheese & Onion


Wiltshire Ham & Monterey Jack Cheese


Toastie Deals

Toastie & regular tea/coffee. £3.95
Toastie & homemade soup. £4.25


Caesar Salad

Baby gem lettuce, shaved parmesan, cracked black pepper, Caesar dressing & croutons. £6.00
(Add chicken for £2.50)

Chicken Thai-Style Salad

Chicken, pomegranate, crispy onions, peanuts, sesame seeds, cucumber, spring onion, carrot, mixed leaves, shredded white & red cabbage & coriander, dressed with Thai honey dressing. £8.25

Mixed Salad

Mixed leaves, pomegranate, carrot, spring onion, cucumber, red onion, shredded red & white cabbage tossed in salad dressing, topped with crispy onions. £8.50
(Add chicken or halloumi for £2.50)


Try a slice of our delicious hand-stretched freshly made pizza with our own signature pomodoro sauce & a variety of toppings from £2.95

Ask your server for today’s choices and prices.


Halloumi Fries

Deep-fried halloumi topped with pomegranates,
mint yoghurt & coriander. £6.50

Cheese & Bacon Carbonara Fries

Crispy bacon, creamy cheddar cheese sauce, mozzarella, spring onions & a garnish of crispy onions. £6.50 (Available without bacon – £6.00)

Katsu Loaded Fries

Southern-fried chicken topped with Katsu curry sauce, garnished with fresh chillies, spring onion & coriander.£6.95

Homemade Soup of the Day

Served with your choice of white or brown bread. Ask your server for today’s soup. £1.80


Skin-on Coated Fries


Skin-on Parmesan & Truffle Fries


Southern Fried Chicken Strips


Cheese Nachos


Mini Hash Brown Bites


Side Salad


Selection of cakes and sweet treats are available, please ask your server.

If you have any special dietary requests or allergy requirements, please inform your server who will be able to advise you accordingly.


(All £7.95)



Havana Especial, sugar syrup, lime, mint, soda. Choose from either Classic, Passion Fruit or Strawberry

Long Island Ice Tea

Absolut Blue, Tanqueray, Triple Sec, Havana Especial, Olmeca Resposado tequila, sugar syrup, lemon juice, coke


Bulleit bourbon, Disaronno amaretto, coke


Havana Especial, Wray & Nephew’s, Grenadine, sugar syrup, lime juice, pineapple juice

Berries & Cherries

Absolut Cherry vodka, Chambord, lemon juice, strawberry purée, cranberry juice


Pornstar Martini

Absolut Vanilia vodka, passion fruit purée, caramel syrup, pineapple juice, shot prosecco

Espresso Martini

Absolut Vanilia vodka, Kahlua, Crème de Cacao, vanilla syrup, brewed espresso

French Martini

Absolut Blue vodka, Chambord black raspberry, pineapple juice

Gin Lovers

Rhubarb on the Rocks

Edinburgh rhubarb gin, Tanqueray gin, cranberry juice, lemon juice, lemonade

English Country Garden

Hendricks gin, St Germain elderflower, sugar syrup, cucumber, mint leaves, lime wedge, apple juice


Aperol Spritz

Aperol, prosecco, soda

Pink Gin Spritz

Gordon’s pink gin, prosecco, lemonade


Virgin Apple Mojito

Apple juice, sugar syrup, lime wedges, mint leaves, Franklin ginger ale. £3.95

Berry Delight

Cranberry juice, Grenadine, sugar syrup, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, apple juice. £3.95


Down Under Chardonnay, Australia

£3.50 (125ml) / £4.10 (175ml) / £5.85 (250ml) / £16.45 (Bottle)

Luna Azul Sauvignon Blanc, Chile

£3.65 (125ml) / £4.55 (175ml) / £6.00 (250ml) / £17.45 (Bottle)

Bello Tramonto Pinot Grigio, Italy

£4.25 (125ml) / £4.90 (175ml) / £6.95 (250ml) / £18.50 (Bottle)

Turtle Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

£4.95 (125ml) / £5.95 (175ml) / £7.95 (250ml) / £23.45 (Bottle)

Sancerre Domaine Durand, France

£31.95 (Bottle)


Down Under Shiraz, Australia

£3.65 (125ml) / £4.45 (175ml) / £5.95 (250ml) / £16.45 (Bottle)

Luna Azul Merlot, Chile

£3.65 (125ml) / £4.45 (175ml) / £5.95 (250ml) / £16.95 (Bottle)

La Grupa Malbec, Argentina

£4.15 (125ml) / £5.25 (175ml) / £6.75 (250ml) / £19.95 (Bottle)

Faustino Rivero Crianza Rioja, Spain

£4.95 (125ml) / £5.95 (175ml) / £7.95 (250ml) / £23.95 (Bottle)


Inkosi Pinotage Rosé, South Africa

£3.65 (125ml) / £4.10 (175ml) / £5.65 (250ml) / £16.45 (Bottle)

Sereno Pinot Grigio Blush, Italy

£3.65 (125ml) / £4.75 (175ml) / £6.05 (250ml) / £17.95 (Bottle)

Monterey Bay Zinfandel Rosé, California

£4.05 (125ml) / £5.25 (175ml) / £6.75 (250ml) / £19.95 (Bottle)


Prosecco Serenello

£6.50 (125ml) / £23.95 (Bottle)

Emotivo Sparkling Rosé

£6.50 (125ml) / £23.95 (Bottle)

Bottega Gold Prosecco

£49.95 (Bottle)

Bottega Rosé Gold

£49.95 (Bottle)

Mumm Champagne

£59.95 (Bottle)

Laurent Perrier Brut

£64.95 (Bottle)

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut

£84.95 (Bottle)



£2.10 (Regular) / £2.25 (Tall)


£2.55 (Regular) / £2.70 (Tall)


£2.55 (Regular) / £2.70 (Tall)

Flat White




Speciality Coffee

£2.95 (Add a flavoured syrup: Salted Caramel, Caramel, Gingerbread, Toffee Nut, Donut, Vanilla, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Sugar-Free Hazelnut, Sugar-Free Caramel)


£2.55 (Regular) / £2.70 (Tall)

Hot Chocolate

£2.55 (Regular) / £2.70 (Tall)

Signature Hot Chocolate

£2.95 (Red Velvet, Cherry Bakewell, Salted Caramel or White Chocolate)

English Breakfast Tea


Speciality Tea

£1.95 (Green Tea, Lemon & Ginger, Earl Grey, Camomile, Decaffeinated, Berry & Elderflower, Peppermint, Loose Leaf Samovar (Orange Spice), Loose Leaf Strawberries & Cream, Loose Leaf Peppermint)


Mango & Passion Fruit Cooler


Summer Berries Cooler



£3.95 (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, After Eight or Donut)

Fresh Fruit Juice

£1.90 (Apple, Orange, Cranberry or Pineapple)

Marlish Mineral Water

£1.85 (Still or sparkling)

Red Bull / Sugar Free Red Bull


Bottled Coke

£2.55 (Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero)

Draught Soft Drinks

£1.90 (Regular) / £2.50 (Tall) (Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Lemonade or Tonic Water)